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Now and Then


… it’s MAY … maybe …

It’s been a tough spring here in Utah:



… Well, you get the point. But today is MayDay. And hopes are high that more than May flowers will appear.

In some yesteryear, May Day meant the Soviets paraded their warheads, tanks, and soldiers to communicate strength to their countrymen and to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Interesting way to welcome in spring????

In Merry Olde England, girls danced AROUND the May Pole – a LOVERLY way to greet the fifth month.

To ensure you have the right image in mind, here is a Flickr photo from Great Britain of just such a dance.

Our May Day celebration is a BIRTHDAY celebration for this cutie, who turned 3 today.

Happy Birthday, Big Guy! LOVE your PIRATE FACE!