Writing My Life

Now and Then


… maybe the best spring break EV.ER …

Mommy and Daddy were enjoying themselves on a vacation that took them to Busch Gardens in Florida and scuba diving in the Caribbean. Grandma agreed to watch their four adorable kidlets on the weekends that bookended their 10-day get-away. The very first Saturday, April 8, 2011, didn’t start so well because …

we woke up to this:

A balmy 33 degrees

And Mommy and Daddy basked in this:

80 degrees, but who's counting?

Later that day, Mommy and Daddy sent photos of the wild things in Florida:

Florida Gator

While we experienced the wild things at McDonald’s:

McGator spotted in A.F.

While Mommy and Daddy oohed and awed over the Garden’s creatures …


we fussed over GrammaBecky’s little creatures.


While Mommy and Daddy explored the depths of the sea:

"... under the seeeeeeeeea ..."

The DEPTHS of the SEA explored US!


YuPPer! It was a GREAT BREAK! For all of us!