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… maybe the best spring break EV.ER …

Mommy and Daddy were enjoying themselves on a vacation that took them to Busch Gardens in Florida and scuba diving in the Caribbean. Grandma agreed to watch their four adorable kidlets on the weekends that bookended their 10-day get-away. The very first Saturday, April 8, 2011, didn’t start so well because …

we woke up to this:

A balmy 33 degrees

And Mommy and Daddy basked in this:

80 degrees, but who's counting?

Later that day, Mommy and Daddy sent photos of the wild things in Florida:

Florida Gator

While we experienced the wild things at McDonald’s:

McGator spotted in A.F.

While Mommy and Daddy oohed and awed over the Garden’s creatures …


we fussed over GrammaBecky’s little creatures.


While Mommy and Daddy explored the depths of the sea:

"... under the seeeeeeeeea ..."

The DEPTHS of the SEA explored US!


YuPPer! It was a GREAT BREAK! For all of us! 

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… outer space, Wienerschnitzel, AND dinosaurs …

As summer tried to sneak away, I took a trip to outer space, Germany, and pre-historic Utah. It was exciting because I was with my Utah grandsons!

Spencer is interested in SO many different things, including space travel. BUT at the top of his list is ANYTHING German. Maybe this is because he loved learning about his great-grampa’s adventures as a B-17 top-turret gunner during World War II. Or maybe he’s curious about the land of his dad’s birth. Regardless of the reason, we enjoyed a great day learning about our universe, space pirates, and yummy German food.

Spencer and I had the Clark Planetarium and Museum nearly all to ourselves that August day, but when I took Connor and Carter to Thanksgiving Point’s Dinosaur Museum on Connor’s birthday, we shared the event with nearly ALL of Utah County. But the boys were so excited that they didn’t mind the LONG line that wrapped half way around the building! (That’s what happens on $2 Tuesdays!)

I’m lucky I got so many pictures of Carter because he was off and running between the focus and the click of the camera! Gramma was tuckered at the end of that day!

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