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… hair-i-tic ~ a PLEASANT hair-raising experience …


Today was a good hair day. Why? Because I enjoyed a great “hair-raising” experience – got the locks cut ‘n colored, and I really like how it looks.  (I’ve had enough BAD HAIR experiences to write a book.) Jessica, the WonderGirl of Amara Day Spa, Boutique , AND Salon,  not only trims my hair, but she actually STYLES it! Not many hairdressers have been able to do that to my satisfaction since my days in high school.

I remember when going to the BEAUTY SHOP for a fancy do was a MUST before attending semi-formal or formal high school dances.Teen girls, bedecked in plastic rollers, sat in a line of chairs with attached hair dryers in nearly every salon in Pocatello – much like these nameless ladies in the photo. After that warming experience, our hair was “ratted”/teased/ back-combed into beehives, bouffants, or French twists.

I remember the beautician who styled my first bouffant also created swirls of curls on top. Using half a can of hairspray,  she actually “glued” glitter amongst my boring brown locks. (This photo is a VERSION of the SPARKLING hairstyle, but WITHOUT the glitter.)

I loved the results, but my date was probably less than impressed when sparkles fluttered to his shoulders, leaving behind a version of shiny dandruff. Of course that wasn’t the only thing that ruined the date.

(Does anyone reading this post remember the older beauty shop patrons who made weekly trips to the salon and would NOT wash their hair between visits? In fact, they hardly even combed it because the style was set in stone via Aqua Net Hair Spray. Urban legends about spiders nesting in beehive hairdos were favorite topics around the dinner table. YUCK!)

Now, some 46 years later, I hustle in to the salon about every 6 weeks.. Jessica slaps some hair color on my graying roots while I avoid eye contact with the woman in the mirror because her double chin and jowls enlarge and droop more at every glance. Next, Jess sticks my head under a hood that steams the goopy hair, and 1/2 hour later, she washes out the slime.

Before trimming my darkened locks today, I showed her a picture of the CARTOON ME that graces the front page of this blog. Yes, I asked her to cut my hair like a comic version of myself that really doesn’t look anything like moi. But lo and behold, the woman worked wonders drying and round brushing my fine hair into a great facsimile! I really like it  A LOT! (I only hope I can re-create it, which I know I really can’t.)

What pleased me the most, however, is that the cheeks, chins, and jowls of that woman in the mirror receded a bit, and the round face seemed to lose  an ounce or so. BUT not enough to tempt me to take a picture of myself for this post!

Nevertheless, I THANK  Jess for the GREAT HAIR DAY!

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9 thoughts on “… hair-i-tic ~ a PLEASANT hair-raising experience …

  1. SO nice to have a stylist that actually does what you want and knows how to style your hair! I left mine back in Utah and haven’t been happy since! Still searching for a match…lol. So fun to read about your hair adventures. I’m sure it looks VERY cute! I like the cartoon version… 😉

  2. You DID have a good stylist when you lived here! I was forced to find a new one about 2 years ago when my long-time friend retired after baby #4. I stumbled onto Jessica out of desperation when I walked into that Olivia Jade salon on Redwood. When Jess moved to Orem’s Amara, I moved with her!

    BTW, we have 1.5 inches of SNOW on the ground here today! Grrrrrrrr.

  3. Oh you! You crack me up. It totally made me remember the FOUR hours I spent in the chair for my brother’s wedding! The spider nests made me laugh so hard, because my Mom was one of those who wrapped her “DO” in toilet paper at night so she wouldn’t mess it up while she slept! She was a faithful once-a-week client for years!

    As for the wrinkles and jowls…..I can’t decide myself if I resemble a turkey or an English Bulldog, for cryin’ out loud! And dude, that’s just the FACE!

    I am so inspired by you! Love you tons!

  4. I have never cried much about my hair because it seems semi-impossible to keep it looking decent. I have just accepted it. But when I came to Africa I said I would grow it and it grew beautifully. I had a nice “flip” in the back and my kids were so impressed when we skyped them at Easter. Went for a TRIM (or to maybe get my hair shaped) over the weekend and came home with a little boy cut that is easily the shortest my hair has EVER been. I don’t remember being this upset for years!

    • I remember experiencing more than one similar hair “scalping” such as the one you described. If I hadn’t had children to care for I would have locked myself in my room for a couple of weeks until the butchered remains grew out! I’m so sad I didn’t get to see your “flip!”

      BTW, Mom gave me a newspaper clipping of our Fashion Council days when you wore the PERFECT flip! I’m going to scan and post it soon!

  5. BTW – I loved this blog and the memories of the days under the dryer. You are the most adorable person I know—stop fretting about the wrinkles etc!

    • Oh, I love it when you drop by my blog! Don’t worry – I’m not all that fretful about my aging appearance. It’s just fun to joke about from time to time, especially when I am forced to face the mounting evidence for over an hour at the salon/spa/boutique! 🙂

  6. A good hair cut and color is so beyond rubies in value. I have had some of the worst hair days known to man, including the time I had my hair cut by a non-English speaker and my husband realized he didn’t know the hair-cutting words in Spanish, and the time I trusted my hair to a lady who always wore a headscarf in public (in Cairo). Now I’ve discovered Rachelle down the street, and she is awesome!

    Now if only I could figure out how to stop cutting my own bangs every few weeks . . .

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