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… if this doesn’t make smiles – well, nothing will …

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If you chance to meet a frown,
Do not let it stay.
Quickly turn it upside down
And smile that frown away.
~ By Daniel Taylor

Evie: Mommy, I want my crib.

Mommy (thinking to herself): Yay, she wants to take a nap.

Mommy (to Evie): Okay, Baby. In you go.

BUT Evie doesn’t lie down and snuggle with her blankie. Oh no. She grabs the rail and starts jumping up and down, Up and Down, UP and DOWN, UP AND DOWN!

Mommy’s solution to Evie’s crib jumping and older daughter’s propensity to bounce off walls: Ask their Gramma and Grampa to buy them an INDOOR TRAMPOLINE so they can bounce to their hearts’ content AND fight over whose turn it is.

Watch and smile, but be warned that Gramma’s voice-over may wipe the smile off your face – but the visual is worth it. (Until I can get the video embedded in this post, click on the link below! 🙂

MY Turn!!

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