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… that cute little bird may be the toughest little chirper in our yard, too …


Remember that cute bird I “think” is the Orange-crowned warbler? I said I hoped to catch a picture of him. Well, I’ve had my Nikon CoolPix at the ready all week, but he flitted in and out of our yard so fast that I couldn’t catch him – until today.

Bless his heart, he flew CRASH, BOOM, BANG right into our picture window, leaving behind a small smudge of goop and a feather. G.E. witnessed the near-tragic event and hollered that our bird was sitting in the flower bed in a stupor. I just happened to have camera in hand and so I rushed out to capture these pictures.

Think he has a concussion?

LOOK! You can see his ORANGE CROWN. Or is that blood?

Thankfully, he was still alive, and he didn’t seem at all concerned about the giant ShutterBug snapping his picture. In fact, he seemed happy to see me. More importantly, he flew off after about 15 minutes.  He wasn’t about to be “Left Behind.” Snicker. Snicker.

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3 thoughts on “… that cute little bird may be the toughest little chirper in our yard, too …

  1. What a beautiful bird! This reminds me of my owl story of a few years ago. He had an accident trying to duck through our bedroom via the french doors opposite a picture window. I think he had an eye on a mouse in my neighbor’s yard. He must have had a headache as bad as your little peep this morning. I’m glad he was able to fly away. If you come up with a good remedy to keep these accidents from happening, let me know…a lot of here have this problem every year. (Hey, you’re actually keeping this up every day…KUDOS!

    • Isn’t he the prettiest little thing? This is the first time this has ever happened – bird vs window, I mean. A couple of years ago we witnessed a golf ball vs window experience and the window lost that battle. There are inherent hazards from living on a golf course!

  2. I am very sorry, random blogger, but I just somehow got here by doing a Google Images search for “Orange crowned warbler crown”, since I didn’t see any proper photos of the nominal crown on this bird guide site I visit. Anyways. The adorable bird you photographed 3 years ago is not not NOT an orange-crowned warbler. ‘Tis definitely a male yellow warbler. H-hopefully you didn’t figure that out in the years that have gone by since this post was written. Uh. Yeah. *flies off*


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