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… weary of bad weather? maybe blossoms are the cure for the grumps …


Utahns have been griping for weeks, maybe even MONTHS,  because of WAY below-normal temperatures and WAY above-normal rainfall. At the slightest ray of sunshine, we run out to play or work in the yard – so thrilled to feel even the tiniest bit of warmth on our faces.

I love this representation of spring in Utah: snow in the mountains, trees in bloom, and trees struggling to bud.

Yesterday – while waiting for the Rapture – I, too, rushed lumbered to the front yard to pull up spent tulips and to plant pale pink petunias and lavender creeping flox. It was the perfect time to weed and plant because the soil had been softened by so much moisture.

Our flowering crab apple tree surrounded by pink petunias worshiping at its feet/roots??? Pansies peeking from the background may last the entire summer if temperatures stay this cool!

Because of the other “bucket-list” plans on the day to end all days, I didn’t have much time to bask in the handiwork of my gardening. But after lunch with Mom and Connie B, and after attending the wonderful heart-warming play at the Hale Theatre, I drove up to my yard with a greater appreciation for all that was blooming!

"In the leafy tree tops the blossoms are blooming!"

This is my favorite tree in bloom is this little Japanese flowering tree – whose full name I can’t remember. Grrrrr. It is also the tree-of-choice for our little yellow-feathered friend. He finds something yummy to eat among the branches and blossoms. I hope he returns to dine soon.

It amazes me that this delicate little tree survives and thrives - showing up bigger and heartier looking kin.

Not all that long ago snow covered our young snowball bushes. Soon the little green blossoms will burst into big puffs of white!

I wish I had the memory to remember the names of everything I plant, but I don’t. If any readers can tell me what this pretty pink flowering perennial is, I will be ever so grateful.

The plant reminds me of bleeding hearts, but those don't thrive out here on the western desert like this nameless beauty does.

While this montage may bore many, I am thankful I took these pictures and posted them because a rather nasty thunder storm – complete with HAIL – descended upon my lovelies and stripped some of their beautiful blossoms. The remnants lie scattered upon the green lawn much like strands of hair piles up on the floor at the barber shop.

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3 thoughts on “… weary of bad weather? maybe blossoms are the cure for the grumps …

  1. Ahhhhh! It’s just like beng there! I love all your trees! You are so lucky to have all those. That last plant is a honeysuckle, I think. i may be wrong, but that’s what I’ve always called it. How is little yellow birdie doing? He is really a cutie.
    Happy spring!
    Love you!

  2. I love the montage…makes me think we’ll get there weather wise any day now. I was wondering if that “nameless” flower that thrives could be Columbine. I have a couple that look very much like it except in color. And it just pops up every year–one of my favorites here.

    • It IS columbine! We have honeysuckle in the back yard, and so I didn’t think that was it. I thought the name started with a “c”. Guess I blocked it from my mind because it always reminds me of the Columbine High School tragedy in 1999. However, this is a beautiful flower that can serve as a tender memorial.

      Thanks to Dalene and Alice for helping me out! =)

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