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Christmas Banner Photo Made Possible by Luann C. ~ Decorator Extraordinaire!


Had some inquiries about the wonderful Ms. Luann. She works in our department and some of her unofficial duties include decking halls with holiday regalia.  

Be it Halloween or Independence Day, she makes EVERY day a joy with her happy disposition and creative energy.

Nearly all the candy in her display is NOT edible but decorative AND she made them all! Luann is NOT paid to do this; nor is she reimbursed for supplies.

She just does it for the fun of it.


I couldn’t resist honoring Luann by photographing her creation and using it as my banner this month.

Happy Holidays EVERYONE!

Author: rbs

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Banner Photo Made Possible by Luann C. ~ Decorator Extraordinaire!

  1. I LOVE the banner! I love the snow! I love that you’re Henry AND Rebecca’s daughter! I love you! 🙂 Happy first day of Christmas! (or 12th day – not sure which…)

  2. Very holidayish. And beautiful, even though I don’t know who Luann C is. What I really love are the two 50-word flash fiction stories–most particularly the doll fight. It takes a lot of talent to write something packed with so much in so few words! 🙂 and it stays in your mind long after you’ve left it.

  3. Stopping by tonight before I go to bed to visions of sugarplums dancing so I could say Merry Christmas! Hope you and the family have a beautiful day.

  4. You are so thoughtful, dear Blogger Friend! Thank you and your wishes for me are my wishes for you. Merry Christmas!

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