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October Remembered in December: Pictures and Poetry

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October ~ brings about a

Culmination of colors to celebrate

The death of a season in an

Ostentatious flourish like no other.

Bidding farewell to days of light, the

Eve of All Hallows

Rouses the sleepers beneath stones.

October is a favorite month of mine, and even though the tenth month of the eleventh year of the twenty-first century was not without its challenges, there were some great times spent with my Utah AND my California grandkidlets. The following few pictures of MANY celebrate time spent at “THIS IS THE PLACE” HERITAGE PARK  over fall break and ROSEVILLE, CA over Halloween. Regardless of life’s trials, grandchildren can brighten even the darkest of days, and I am blessed to have TEN adorable, brilliant, loving ones who call me GrammaNae.

Perfect Autumn Day at Heritage Park

The Littlest Shepherdess

Hangin' out at the Corral

Miss Mia and Miss NannyGoat

Carter LOVES Tootsie Roll Pops

Panning for Gold!

Halloween House - The Girls' Rendition

The Boys' Creation - VERY Scary!

Brayden TOTALLY gagged while "de-gutting" this gourd!

Drewbie chose the GREAT PUMPKIN to carve!

The Girls appreciated Grampa Gary's help!

Abby's Original Happy Face Pumpkin Shouts BOO!

Drew's Angry Bird AND Pig on ONE Pumpkin!

Check out Brayden's PIRATE FISH there on the end




The Devine Miss M


The RED Ninja!

Carter the Space Cop!

Kickin' Back After SO Many Good Times!

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One thought on “October Remembered in December: Pictures and Poetry

  1. From the looks of them, they’re as well behaved as they are great looking. The Little Shepherdess resembles you a lot I think. Has that same impishness in her smile! 😉 But, honey, you don’t look old enough! Or near haggard enough. My two–if encountered at one time–wear me to a frazzle! 🙄

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