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Life in 100 Words or Less: Writing Less More Often

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I’ve missed blogging. A lot. And since life hasn’t quieted much, I don’t see that I’ll have any more time to post than I’ve had the past few months.

Inspired by information about Grant Faulkner, the new executive director of NaNoWriMo,  I think I’ve come upon a solution. It seems that Mr. Faulkner runs an online literary journal – 100 Word Story – and thus launched MY epiphany: I can limit my entries to 100 words or less, AND I will post at least one or two times a week.

I don’t have enough words left to say anything else, and captions don’t count!


EPIPHANY: When you realize your future isn't mixed in with noodles.

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One thought on “Life in 100 Words or Less: Writing Less More Often

  1. Off to a good start, I see. 🙂

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