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44 Years and Counting!


How can a type A personality and a type Z stick together for 44 years? Such a good question, but G.E. is a BIG “A”, and yours truly is far beyond type B, C, D, etc. And yet, here we are – an old couple who have been together for four-plus decades; that’s two-thirds of our lives! Surprising?

My friend and colleague, who is also a scientist, says, “Not so.” Opposites do attract and for good reason. According to studies she has perused, humans are often drawn to those who say “poTAYto” when their personal preference is “poTAHto”. (You have to be pretty old to understand that reference.)

It seems that this is Mother Nature’s way of producing “normal” offspring; otherwise, the youngsters would all be busy cleaning, organizing, calculating, and so forth. Or they would be in a constant state of ¬†spilling “stuff”, stumbling over “things”, and searching for lost items, people, and places.

There are some who may doubt our sons are “normal,” but the boys do have some of both of us mixed in with a lot of “them”. Which is a great thing. I’d like to say they inherited the best of their dad and mom, but that’s wishful thinking. Instead, they’ve combined everything together to be A.MAZ.ING people that we love so darn much.

But, I have to say, the best decision this crazy lady made o-so-long-ago was to marry her crush! He was adorable then and even cuter now. In between have been trials and tears, laughter and LOTS OF LOVE!!!!

Before this starts sounding like a Hallmark card, I’m wishing for NOTHING more than many many days of continued adventure.

I love you, my Gar! (not GAHR).

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2 thoughts on “44 Years and Counting!

  1. Opposites do attract! (Plus it probably didn’t hurt that when you made the big decision you went into it planning it would be forever, didn’t you!? I know we did.) Hubby and I are quite different too. He encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself from time to time, helping me to be more than I ever would have been without him, and I keep him from getting up on make-shift scaffolding in order to change out the lamp in our stairwell from the nondescript and dark lamp hanging there to the more decorative Tiffany one we used in our Las Vegas house. (An electrician is coming by to do it later today.) I also put my foot down when he wanted to buy a motorcycle to go to work on in Ohio. His payoff is I sometimes do things that still surprise him, and mine is that he’s still alive (at 70!). Happy anniversary you two! May you have many more.

    • Always LOVE your comments! And yes, we decided it would be forever. I can’t believe your hubby is 70! Neither of you look your age! Thanks so much for dropping by, dear friend.

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