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Every time I pull up my iGoogle page and see the last entry I posted on “Writing My Life” was in March, I am sad. I miss my written reflections whether anyone else does or not. I think about life and its crazy characteristics all the time, but until I record those thoughts, I don’t feel as if I’ve truly reflected.  Besides, those hit-and-miss ideas are fleeting.

So, with a few weeks off work, I hope to capture those momentary meditations before they take flight and confine them here. That won’t be easy because some are long-gone, but I know I want to record the follies of growing older. The process is really quite humorous.

For example, yesterday I was talking to G.E. as I finished combing my hair. When I started hair-spraying the styled coiffure, he yelled, “Stop! Stop!” and  tried to grab my arm.

“What?” I said, pulling away. And then I noticed the Windex in my hand. Can’t say the spray increased the shine, nor did it help my “do” hold up in this Windexheat, but maybe the ammonia brightened my highlights???!!!!

Remember Gus Portokalos, from MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING,  was convinced that Windex could fix anything. Now my Grandpa B. claimed the same of VicksVicks Vapor Rub – maybe I’ll use that instead of mousse. =)

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4 thoughts on “I Miss Me

  1. Welcome to the zoo! 😆 (I took the cat’s pill once…just put it in my palm, and instead of going after the cat to poke it down her throat, I popped it into my mouth of swallowed. She lived! So it must have helped.) I’ve missed you, and wondered what in the world had happened to you, but figured you were busy like the rest of us. Looking forward to your further reflections.

  2. I can’t even begin to explain how nuts life has been. Not all nasty, yucky nuts, but crazy nonetheless. When I have time to spare, I’ve felt like reading more than writing. I go through phases like that, but I hope to find a nice balance as I LOVE both reading and writing!

  3. If you find it, let me know. I’m looking for it too. Reading? Writing. If I were forced to give one up, it would be writing. There are some amazing writers out there!

    • I agree and that’s probably why I don’t focus on writing as much as I want to. When I read the works of those amazing authors, I lose confidence in my own abilities. But I need to remember I write for myself as much as anybody. And Alice, thank you for being such a faithful follower of my blog. I love finding a comment from you as they are always so insightful!

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