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My Wildtree Cooking Workshop Adventure

If you know me – or don’t know me but have read past posts – you realize I an NOT a confident cook. As I have also mentioned before, I want to be, but I just don’t like it enough to work at it. Nevertheless, I agreed to host a Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop as my daughter-in-law Lisa is a Wildtree Representative in California and has convinced me of the ease and value of these products.

Not am I only a nervous Nelly in the kitchen, I am a worse promoter – “You wouldn’t like to come to my Wildtree Party would you?” (Pause for negative response.) “I didn’t think so.” Or, ” I don’t suppose you’d like to drive to my house out in the western desert on a 3-day weekend to put together 10 freezer meals?” (Pause for another negative response.) “I don’t blame you.”

Anyway, after approaching 20 or so friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers off the street, FIVE folks committed to come. I was thrilled. But as I labored through the pre-workshop preparations, I feared my participants would ask for their money and time back. It took me about 4 hours! BUT remember, I am also a freakin’ SLOW chef. Picture Meryl Streep chopping onions in Julie and Julia before she got good! What took me 240+ minutes took my sister 2 hours and my friend 45 minutes – she used one of those fancy food processors that good cooks use.

Because this was a monumental undertaking – one that I am actually very proud of – I decided to document the experience through pictures. My personal shopper, G.E., actually performed the first step – buy the meat and veggies – but these pics feature my contribution and my party!

Step 1

Step 1: Skin, chop, dice, and slice!


Step 2

Step 2: Bag, label, bag, label!


Step 5

Step 4: Organize the workshop to impress your guests!




Step 6: Party Hearty with your sis and your friend –

the only ones who came!

Final note: 

The three of us had a great time, and now we all have 10 GOURMET meals that each serve  4+ people in our freezers. And what’s even better, we can throw them into the crockpot after thawing them overnight and PRESTO-BINGO, dinner is served.

I feel like I channeled Julia! YaY me, and THANK YOU Connie and Melissa!

P.S. I omitted step 3 – placing the bags in the freezer! =) This post sort of sounds like an INFOMERCIAL, doesn’t it? =)