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… may be the goofiest entry I’ve ever posted … seriously …

I have a long-time blogging friend who spent part of the winter in India, her hubby’s birthplace. Well, she came back and posted all these VERY cool photos, including this fascinating picture of a VERY unusual plant.

Pingo-ballo agave bush

Isn’t it amazing? I actually thought some children had a lovely time sticking colorful rubber balls on the ends of pointed leaves, but it really grows like this and has that fun name: Pingo-ballo agave bush. I LOVE IT. I think it deserves a page in a book by Dr. Suess, don’t you?

Not to be out-done by Ms. Alice, I took a trip around my house where I spent ALL of the winter and stumbled upon a very interesting plant as well. Unfortunately, the picture I took of it has yet to arrive in my email box. Sorry, but you will have to return in the morning to see what I found. Nighty Night.