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Now and Then


… 50-word wonders: I WONDER Why I’m Still Doing This …

Note: The month is nearly half over, and I’ve written a 50-word story EVERY August day. There’s much I like about experimenting with this format, BUT I don’t know if the exercise is improving my writing any. I guess I’ll see when I return to  my “work-in-progress.” 

I’m toying with the idea of sponsoring my FIRST-EVER blog contest, but have to come up with a creative AND cheap prize that readers would actually want.  Maybe I’ll ask those who stop by my site to vote for the 50-worder they like best, and then randomly choose one of the “entries” as the winner, winner, winner. That’s as far as my thinking has traveled. Stay tuned. I’ll think of something. In the meantime, here is today’s effort. 


She tapped out her text – meet u @ mall,  k?

The other hand applied lip-liner; and her baby-blues stared into the mirror to oversee the application.

Bright-white teeth chewed the last bite of Egg McMuffin.

Knees steered the wheel, and her left foot slammed on the brake.

Too late.