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… “whatever happened to old-fashioned love?” …


A Tribute to Momma and Daddy on Their 65th Anniversary

This morning I once again awakened to G.E.’s favorite station: classic country. Maybe it was B.J. Thomas singing the crossover hit, “Whatever Happened to Old-Fashioned Love?” or a country singer I don’t know, but the melody and a few lines of the song stayed in my head and then moved to my heart.

Whatever happened to old fashioned love
The kind that would see you through
The kind of love my Momma and Daddy knew
Yeah, whatever happened to old fashioned love
The kind that would last through the years
Through the trials
Through the smiles
Through the tears

It was appropriate. Sixty-five years ago today, my mom and dad stood before a Mormon Bishop in Champaigne, Illinois to recite their vows of matrimony. Dad’s army buddy and his wife, Mom’s new friend, witnessed the ceremony as the best man and matron of honor.

June 1, 1945

That was it. Five people, including the fresh-faced groom and the stunning bride. Simple. Tender. Romantic.

Mom has mentioned a time or two that she regrets leaving her mother and father behind in Pocatello to make the cross-country trip to marry her soldier boy, but NO ONE could have changed her mind then. The two had been apart for two-plus months, and that was long enough. Too long.

They met on March 24, 1945, engaged 3 days later, and married on June 1st. While waiting at the Illinois train station for Dad to pick her up, Mom recorded her excitement in a letter to one of her 9 brothers. Even the words on the paper are breathless in anticipation, and the last scribbled line reads, “Here he comes; got to run!”

June 1, 2005

I don’t have to close my eyes to picture those two running to each other. I can see my 6 foot 3-inch father lift his Becky – all 5 feet 3 inches of her – into his arms and kissing her JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES!

But their life together was much better than any MGM production because their love was real and lasting. Connie and I never tired of listening to “their love story,” and Daddy never tired of telling it. Up to the day he passed away, he reminded us that he loved our mother the first time he saw her. From that moment to this, their love has lasted “through the trials; through the smiles; through the tears,” and now on into eternity.

I love you so much Momma and Daddy!


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5 thoughts on “… “whatever happened to old-fashioned love?” …

  1. I love that they were engaged after just 3 days. That’s so amazing. 🙂

  2. What a tender story! I was also amazed that they got engaged after 3 days! What a love story — what a fairy tale! But even better because it’s real… So great.

  3. C. and A., Did you click on the hotlink “JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES?” I found a YouTube clip of lots of HOT onscreen kisses! Mom and Dad were big kissers! So adorable! 🙂

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