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Happy (?) hubby at swanky motel room! : )

G.E. & I have traveled I-80 north more times than we can count, and trust me when I say it is NOT an exciting stretch of road. Whole novels can be read, MANY life stories recited, and dozens of cat naps taken without missing a change in scenery.

As a result, the mind wanders as far and wide as the road. So I thought I’d record some of these random nuggets before I forget them.

1. Epiphany – I am a mouth breather! When did this start? Is it because I am out of shape thus out of breath? I need to overcome this subconscious bad habit.

2. I am a book junky AND a book THIEF! While searching through the dozens of books I haven’t yet read, I discovered a few that I borrowed from long-ago friends in far-away places. I decided to hunt down the victims via FaceBook and send messages of apology and volunteer to send said titles back. (I’m hoping they refuse my offer to return Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul and others.)

3. I wonder if I’m expecting. Lately, my stomach has been upset unless there is food in it – just like the good old days of pregnancy. Yucky!

4. I don’t like to go away without saying good bye to loved ones. Not because I think something bad is GOING to happen but because I am going to miss them. And when I leave my California kids, I’ll miss them before we’re even out of the driveway.

5. I must be getting old. I haven’t finished the Twilight series, and I don’t care if I do I haven’t watched the New Moon DVD yet. A neighbor went with her daughters and said she was embarrassed to be seen there because it was too sensual – she must be getting old, too. (Maybe I’ll wear a burka if I go. Nah, I’ll wait for the DVD and embarrass myself in the privacy of our basement family room.)

6. I hope we can find a room in Winnemucca. I hear there’s a lot happenin’ in that town. (Omigosh! We got the last room after checking out 3 places that looked respectable. It was a smoking room, but luckily this room wears a nicotine patch, and so we won’t be asphyxiated or die of 2nd-hand smoke!)

P. S. The smokey smell crept in during the night! Grrrrrr.

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2 thoughts on “… random thoughts along nevada’s highway …

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  2. You got it right about I-80. I do my best thinking on a route like that, but can’t remember all those profound thoughts I was thinking after I arrive where I could write them down. Thus sparing the public at large of ever having to read them.

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