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… 15 stories in 15 days: Prom 1964 …


“I didn’t see you at the dance,” I said to Nan. “Did you get hung up at the restaurant?”

Tears beaded her long lashes as she rearranged left-over curls from last night’s fancy hairdo.

“We didn’t go to the restaurant or the dance . . . . . . . . . . we never made it out of the car.”

Author: rbs

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2 thoughts on “… 15 stories in 15 days: Prom 1964 …

  1. Oh Renae, this one made me giggle… and feel badly for her. You are so clever!

    • Sadly, this story is based upon an actual event. My sweet neighbor was so sweet and so “easy” – as we used to say back in the day. I felt so bad for her because the two of us went to the beauty salon together to get those fancy up-dos; our moms took pictures of us all decked out in our formal finery; and we had such high expectations. Especially her because she was going with one of the most popular senior boys in the school, and we were sophomores. She caved, as she always did. Her dream date collapsed and he never asked her out again. ;(

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