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… a time to dance … la petite “el-fe-nat” who loved ballet …

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Once upon a time, a grandma who liked to read and tell stories found that snapshots of her grandchildren contained wonderful tales needing to be told. And so the grandma decided to create “story-tales,” based upon the GranDarlings in the photos, some fictional details, and a few facts. Here is the first one!

 La Petite El-fa-net

 She heard about the  “el-fe-nat” who knew how to fly, but that Dumbowasn’t HER dream. No, la petite el-fe-nat didn’t see herself dressed in a clown’s collar and pointed hat, nor did she imagine holding a magic feather in her trunk. Instead, she pictured herself  in a tutu, and while grasping a flower, she would bend her knees to create the deepest plie’. Next she would gracefully twirl “a la fouette’,” and finally the little one would stretch out into a perfect arabesque.

Determined to dance one day, she surprised the animal kingdom and studied ballet. She learned the moves and practiced any place and any time she could, with or without music! Once, however, a melody caught her attention, and she performed an original ballet, dipping and spinning down an aisle separating surprised onlookers. Most pleased, the unplanned audience smiled at the little dancer and enjoyed her impromptu recital!

Finally, the day came when la petite el-fe-nat donned a tutu and other accoutrements, created by her proud MaMA, and gracefully danced her way into the hearts of all who witnessed her amazing recital. And she didn’t even need a magic feather.

Note: To the delight of all, this little grandaughter DID dance down the aisle at church during the closing hymn! Later she performed in a recital, dressed in the pictured tutu with adorning accoutrements. Her Mommy created the adorable costumes for her and ALL the other petite dancing elephants.


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