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… it’s a miracle or at least an amazing coincidence …


Last night – after chowing down on post-travel chips, dips, and Whoppers because there wasn’t any REAL food in the house that didn’t require cooking and stuff – I committed to eat only good-for-you food. So this morning, I crunched Grape-nuts smothered in Activia blueberry yogurt and then decided to chase it down with low sodium V-8 juice. (I only love V-8 IF it’s loaded with salt! But a commitment is a commitment! Right?)

Because the bottle was fresh from the pantry, thus warm, I filled my juice glass with ice cubes. When I poured in the V-8, my drink SMILED at me. SERIOUSLY. (See the picture below.)

I know this incident doesn’t equate with the potatoes that look likes Jesus, but the image of the Walmart smiley face did make me happy about this morning’s food choice! 😉


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5 thoughts on “… it’s a miracle or at least an amazing coincidence …

  1. Hahahaha! That’s great! Your juice was so happy you were drinking it! The whole universe was happy you were being healthy. I think your thumbs are happiest though… 🙂

  2. I don’t know how you choke down V-8 in any form so yea you! Although I have to say the sugar in the yogurt might be more of a “diet” problem for me than a little salt. Or maybe it’s a lot of salt. I really wouldn’t know because I don’t come within a 10 foot range of V-8, let alone close enough to read the nutrition label!

  3. To Amy: Yes, my “full-figured” thumbs will rejoice if I continue to eat like this!

    To Lisa: I’ve met very few foods I haven’t liked, but I must say low-sodium V-8 isn’t all that great. I better check the sugar content in the Yogurt; although Dr. Oz said that he’d choose a t. of sugar over sweetner.

    Thank you both for commenting on this most impressive post! 😕

  4. I never would have believed it if you hadn’t captured it digitally! Hope you find your camera. You wouldn’t want to miss the food face in your next vegetable medley! 🙂

    • My handy-dandy phone camera actually snapped this monumental moment in veggie tales. I couldn’t have arranged the ice cubes like that if I tried. I’m going to turn it into a widget!

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