Writing My Life

Now and Then


… SanJoseSpringFling, day 2 …

BREAKFAST ~ Baked oatmeal, filled with mixed berries, topped with that delicio yogurt and just a little milk. OH SO GOOD and HEARTY, which was needed because we went hiking! Yes, I said H.I.K.I.N.G.  

The SanJoseSalisburys live near ever-lovely foothills that are criss-crossed with some great trails. I missed the memo that told me to pack shoes suitable for foothill climbing, but I thought the backless tenney-runners would work fine – which they did. It was my aging, whacked-out body that suffered through the gradual incline. Huff, puff, sweat, sweat, sweat.  

Stage 1 … Starting out 

C'mon Drew! We haven't even hit the trail yet!


... and where's ... Oh, there's Brayden sneaking up on what???


Double applying the sun screen, and yes, Lisa toted Maegan most the way UP and DOWN!!!


Finally hit the trail, and yes, it was THAT green!


View from the summit. Gramma made it. SHOCKER!


Brayden pushed the limits of the summit by climbing just a little higher!


And the ballerinas danced their way to the top!


The downward spiral - SO MUCH EASIER!

Stage 2 … Lunch ‘n stuff


Home by noon, the kids ate chicken nuggets, but Gramma lucked out and snarfed down left over mu shu pork Lisa fixed Wednesday night. Another scrumptious delight.!  

While Abby attended pre-school and Maegan napped, the boys and I headed to the library and then to TOYS R US to check out the Legos. We finished up the afternoon playing outside on the tree swing and other fun stuff! Does this look like TONZ O’ FUN or what? I fully intended on being a swinger myself, but when I learned that Brayden once broke the branch, I totally chickened out! WHAT A GREAT DAY!   

Drew zooms across the yard!

Brayden goin' CRAZY!!


 Stage 3 … Dinner

Hmmmm? Almost forgot, and how could I NOT remember Lemon Chicken? This SJS (SanJoseSalisburys) favorite is a dish Lisa served Andy their first year of marriage. And what was his response? “It’s kind of ‘lemony’.” DUH! It IS Lemon Chicken!! Now he and the kids LOVE it, and I am a big fan, too!  NOW I’ll bid one and all a final adios!  

And don’t forget Miss Ahhhh-ahhhhh-bbbbbbb-yyyyyyyyy!