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… 50-words to tell a contemporary story … Booked Up …

My head banged down on the table. (Should have used my fist.)

“We’ll die minutes after we can afford to go,” I said. “-  happens all the time.”

His sympathetic smile patted my hand.

Losing myself in books can only take me so far. Time to see what “they’re” writing about!

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… note to NaBloPoMo: I did post “something” on August 22 …

Dear Melissa – Mah-ve-lous NaBloPoMo Moderator,

For 21 days I have FAITHFULLY posted 50-word fictional stories or a related topic. On August 22nd I revised my fantasy piece and then commented about it when I should have POSTED the reflection about the revision.

Here is the “comment” I made about my own post, one that has caught some readers’ attention might I add. NOTE the date AND time – PLEASE!!!

rbs says:

I don’t know if I’ve ever been the first to comment upon my own post, but I just want to say I am surprised at the “hits” this little story has received. I don’t feel it’s one of my better efforts but it is getting better as I have revised it several times AFTER pushing the “Publish” button!

rbs (sniff, sniff)


… fantasy in 50 words: The Big Bubble Theory …

How many are created?

Don’t know.

Some collapse or burst upon creation. Only a fraction survive to contain and sustain life.

Who's in there?????

Wise Ones claim another world collided with ours – merging rather than destroying. A miracle, they say.

Still we hesitate to explore this conjoined sphere where sprites or pixies may hide.


… dystopian fiction in 50-words: AZAZEL

Azazel always carried it but hoped she’d never use it.

Thunderstorms  usually kept the androgynous SHE-MEN in their hostels, and so she risked the venture.

But these cloned beings thought she was the last, and they were waiting.

For us, Azazel pulled the pin; keeping our secret safe. For now.

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… 50-word paranormal: Dental Hyjinx …

He fooled others. Not me. I knew who and what he was.

If simplicity in my hair, makeup, and style failed to catch his attention, my A-negative blood-scent would not.

Finally, he sunk his ivory fangs into my alabaster neck.

I winced …

then gasped.

He fled.

Leaving his canines behind.

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… 50-word historical-romance fiction: The Norseman and the King’s Daughter …

Note: Just finished Sword Song by Bernard Cornwell – mostly a novel of bloody battles between Danes and Saxons. One important skirmish, however, led to an unlikely and doomed romance. The following 50-word story unfolds a glimpse of what may have happened.

In the midst of defeat, the Norsemen kidnapped Aethelflaed, daughter of Alfred and battered wife of Aethelred.

The warlord saw her through eyes blinded by gold and silver ransom, but Erik, his brother saw the frightened child-bride with his heart.

His gaze penetrated her fear, and she accepted the dangerous offering.



… 50-word fiction by young, guest authors …

Last July I met Marlena Henry, a teacher in Granite School District,  at a professional development class I taught. You have her to blame for introducing me to 50-word fiction. I decided I should honor her by posting some of her 9th-grade students’ works. Be prepared to be WoWeD!

In the Way

His footsteps were loud against the platform. “I have done nothing!” He cried as the noose wrapped tightly around his neck. The desperate cries of the condemned.

As the podium gave way, two people smiled. The first his brother, now destined to inherit the crown. Another his sister, with only one more in her way.

Here are a couple of fun ones:


The rebel awakened, finding himself in his room. He knew that today would be the day. Death was on his doorstep. Doomsday was calling to him. His very existence was pointless unless he could avoid this condemnation. The door opened, and his warden approached.

“You’re late for school, Son.

Note: Sadly, the third student example, “The Fool Who Invented Kissing,”  was not an original piece of writing.  Yes, it was plagiarized! Dang! Teachers try so hard to curb this kind of behavior, and it is so disappointing. I have contacted the teacher, Marlena. The student is not in her class anymore, but she can still find him.

My apologies to the writer who truly authored this fun piece.


… 15 stories in 15 days: Prom 1964 …

“I didn’t see you at the dance,” I said to Nan. “Did you get hung up at the restaurant?”

Tears beaded her long lashes as she rearranged left-over curls from last night’s fancy hairdo.

“We didn’t go to the restaurant or the dance . . . . . . . . . . we never made it out of the car.”


… 50-word wonders: I WONDER Why I’m Still Doing This …

Note: The month is nearly half over, and I’ve written a 50-word story EVERY August day. There’s much I like about experimenting with this format, BUT I don’t know if the exercise is improving my writing any. I guess I’ll see when I return to  my “work-in-progress.” 

I’m toying with the idea of sponsoring my FIRST-EVER blog contest, but have to come up with a creative AND cheap prize that readers would actually want.  Maybe I’ll ask those who stop by my site to vote for the 50-worder they like best, and then randomly choose one of the “entries” as the winner, winner, winner. That’s as far as my thinking has traveled. Stay tuned. I’ll think of something. In the meantime, here is today’s effort. 


She tapped out her text – meet u @ mall,  k?

The other hand applied lip-liner; and her baby-blues stared into the mirror to oversee the application.

Bright-white teeth chewed the last bite of Egg McMuffin.

Knees steered the wheel, and her left foot slammed on the brake.

Too late.