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… more holiday smiles from 2010 …

A laugh is a smile that bursts. ~ Mary Waldrip

Meet Spencer, age 10. Like his dad AND his grandpa, he is a University of Utah football fan. It totally made sense to give him a U of U sweatshirt for Christmas, but ALAS the darn thing didn’t fit. That meant a post-Christmas trip to find one that did. And it couldn’t have worked out better for Mr. Spencer BECAUSE he left the store with …

a COOLER sweatshirt than the original

a UofU baseball cap

AND a very awesome UofU FOOTBALL!

  • Hat: UofU; Sweatshirt: UofU; Football: UofU; Pants: CAMO!

Of course, chicken strips, French fries, and root beer can bring on smiles and laughter, too. ESPECIALLY if you’re with FUNNY Grandpa and CRAZY Grandma!