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where have YOU found spring?

I have SEEN spring

… in the dogwoods and azaleas of Georgia,

… in the verdant greens of California hillsides,

… in the snow-kissed blossoms of Utah.

Where have you SEEN spring?

I have HEARD spring

… in the rat-tat-tat of Georgia’s woodpeckers,

… in the soft rhythm of waves at Monterey Bay,

… in the howling and whistling of Utah’s gale-force winds.

Where have you HEARD spring?

I have TASTED spring

… in the mellow sweetness of Georgia’s Vidalia onions,

… in the juicy ripeness of California berries,

… in the cup of chicken soup that warms up Utah’s May.

Where have you TASTED spring?

I have SMELLED spring

… in the dewy freshness of a Georgia morning,

… in the popcorn and peanuts at California baseball games,

… in the chilly air of Utah’s rain-turning-to-snow.

Where have you SMELLED spring?

I have FELT spring

… in the gathering moisture of Georgia humidity,

… in the rough bark of California’s climbing trees,

… in the slush and crunch of  frosty remnants of Utah’s spring storms.

Where have you FELT spring?

Note: Last month was National Poetry Month, and this is one of those quick and easy form poems I used with students to help them write sensory images. My original effort was an ode to Christmas, but I decided it was time to honor spring time in the Rockies!

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a season of transitions

Spring is FIGHTING to make its way into Utah. It’s NEVER an easy process as it is in some parts of the country. For every tip-toe into bloomin’ sunshine, Ma Nature takes several steps back into snow-blowin’ storms! To make my point, here are some pictures – taken with my PHONE CAMERA – bidding farewell to APRIL SHOWERS (?), and just 24 hours later welcoming in MAY FLOWERS!

(Special Note: The banner at the top of “good times & seasons” is one of those pictures I took last Saturday! Not too bad for a PhonePhoto and a little help from PhotoShop! Oh, and another thing, Eagle Mountain is not ALL THAT FAR from SLC, but you couldn’t tell that by these pix!)

April 30, 2010 ~ Snow Trees in Eagle Mountain

May 1, 2010 ~ Blossoms in Salt Lake City